Explanation to repository urls needed

Hello together,

I am new here, so hopefully I am nearly on the right place here.
I am currently evaluating a migration to openSUSE for an university network and have a small understanding question.

What’s the difference or behavior of a ’ : ’ in some repository urls?

For example:

What’s the logic behind that?
I am happy about every nudge in the right direction. :wink:


In an URL the : is just a character like any other allowed character. It is a sort of convention to put one there.

Maybe this helps you in understanding more about the openSUSE repositories: https://en.opensuse.org/Package_repositories

Remark that most people only use that standard repos (OSS, non-OSS, Update-OSS and Update non-OSS) as enable during the installation process and they add the Packman repo for getting multi-media (music, video cidecs) working.

If it has a special meaning in the Open Build Service I do not know. I doubt that for your goal, OBS is what you are after.

“:” is separator in project “path” on OBS, so the former URL is for repositories in project [noparse]Kernel:openSUSE-15.2[/noparse] and the latter URL is directory that contains further subprojects of [noparse]Kernel:openSUSE-15.2[/noparse] project.

Aha, ok I get it.
Indeed, the OBS will also be a topic in the near future.
(we’re not new in the linux corner)

Thx @both for that super fast response! :good: