Expert partitioner behavior changed. I cannot assign /boot/EFI any more!

During the tumbleweed installation, I usually took “expert partition” option, which allowed to keep the current partition table as much as I can.
The new version of the partitioning program does not seem to allow taking the existing FAT partition that I need to import as /boot/EFI any more.

I went back to Leap to see whether the partitioning program behavior to confirm the new tumbleweed partitioner has this new bug.

Thanks for any help in advance

Take a look at bug #1077868 in bugzilla and see if it applies.


There are still some bugs being worked out. However, what you wanted to do should work.

When you select “expert partitioner”, there is a choice between “keep proposal” and “original partitioning” (that’s not the exact wording). I’ve been going with the original partitioning, which gives me all of the existing partitions.

You have to click on the partition in the left column, to be able to edit it. Look for an edit button at the bottom. You should be able to set your EFI partition to mount at “/boot/efi”. But DO NOT set it to be reformatted, as there’s a bug the shows then.

I have mostly been successful with the new partitioner. But it is different enough that it can be confusing.