Experiencing problems on Asus 1001P

Everything was ok but I’m experiencing crashes after booting from hibernate. It sometimes crashes sometimes doesnt and it never happened before.

Also my screen blinks since the install, it happens when I left the computer untouched, it blinks then I move the mouse and it blinks again.

I note here:
HCL/Laptops/Asus - openSUSE

One is showing a red X on suspend to disk (hibernate)
What is happening with suspend to RAM?

Sometimes it’s worth trying different kernels: Desktop/Default and or different versions.

You might want post some specs

Its the 1001P with the intel atom 450 (1.66ghz), so I’m running open suse on 64bits, 1gb of rami think its 667 mhz idk (gonna upgrade to 2gb soon) umm and 120-125gb hard drive 46gb for opensuse 50 for windows 10gb for the Asus express gate and 10gb for the opensuse (i dont remember the name… but its apart from the 46gb partition i currently have?)

So what about Sleep (Suspend to RAM) did you try that?
Did you try different kernels? Or is that too complicated for you?

Have a read here:
SDB:Suspend to RAM - openSUSE

I’m gonna use suspend then…

Hvnt tried different kernels tho… dont even know how to change but its ok… something I could live with…