Experiencing lagging browser.

Ok, so it seems when I am using my scroll wheel on the mouse while using sites with flash/java applets that my screen scrolls way to slowly and lags up a lot. For example, one of the sites I’m using is the yahoo hockey pool site. Scrolling seems to make my screen overly choppy. Which is odd I’m running a Toshiba Qosmio so I know it isn’t lack of hardware. Any suggestions?

Graphics device ? What do you have. Have you installed the drivers

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Yes mate, the first thing I did upon install was install the updated drivers. I use a Gforce 9700M video card and I know I have the right drivers selected, so I doubt that is the problem. I’m gonna try and reinstall them

Ok, I think I know the problem. I disabled the dektop effects and I no longer experienced the lag. I’m not sure why the desktop effects being on only cause my browser to lag on certain sites though, it’s quite odd. I know I can avoid a lot of this by just turning the effects off but I’m hopping someone may be able to shed some light on a work around? I’ll tinker with it a bit more and post if I can fix it.

Ok, if I turn off the desktop graphic extras like the cube etc and everything I do not get the browser lag, however this is odd seeing as how in 11.1 KDE Suse I was using all the same effects and everything ran fluidly.

Firefox? Make sure smooth scrolling is turned off in Firefox. Go to Edit>Preferences>Advanced tab>Uncheck smooth scrolling.

That fixes the browser from coompleted lagging up, however I think maybe my stock video card might just be a huge pos. When I disable the desktop effects completely it works fine no lag whatsoever. Like I said, the thing I find odd is that I had cube effects and flip effects to the max on KDE 4 in Suse 11.1 without this problem.

Come to think of it, it takes a long time for me to download addons from the firefox site. I’m using Firefox version 3.5… is there any compatibility issues that I’m unaware of? Maybe I’d be better off using an older version of firefox. Your thoughts?

Run top in a console window and see what is eating cycles. You may have a process running wild.

Xorg is running up 25% of my system resources. That seems very odd to me. I mean I could always fix this by just downgrading to 11.1 again but I’m at the point now where my pure stubborness is winning out and I want to see this through.

Could it be my Xserver process? I have the new Nvidia drivers installed and updated and I know they are the right ones, so the problem eludes me.

I’m gonna play around with the settings a bit more though to see if this isn’t more of a simple issue. I bet there is something dumb i’m overlooking while playing with this and chewing a big old hunk of Christmas turkey. Thanks a lot for helping me out during the holidays . I feel like i’m stealing you guys from family time. :wink: Happy Holidays!

So upon doing some further research I’ve found that Adobe Flash 10 plugin is not totally finished for 64 bit systems. Is there anyone who knows where I can downgrade back to Adobe 9 so I can see if that fixes my problem?

Ok so I loaded up a Flash applet and was able to type in there however I could not move any of the slider bars. I really think I’m having a problem with Flash 10. Is this a known issue with x64 systems?

So, I decided today to install KDE11.2 instead of Gnome 11.2 to test out the browser to see if it would lag upon activating all of the desktop effects and guess what? Not a bit of lag on the browser and I’m able to use flash apps perfectly without experiencing any of the stuttering. I have no idea what this is about and it’s extremely frustrating as I really prefer the look of GNOME to KDE but I do not wanna sacrifice my awesome. Can anyone offer some explanations? Is it possible that the compiz app is what is bogging down the system? I’m not the linux literate so any information or explanations would be a great benefit to my learning experience.

(ps, I’m not lazy, I’ve been researching and trying to fix this for over a week. xD)

Gnome uses Compiz for it’s effects

KDE doesn’t - kwin has it’s own effects and does not need Compiz.

It does sound like this was your issue, so don’t install be tempted to install Compiz to get some fancy themes from Emerald. The Community repo has quite a selection for kde
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Community/openSUSE_11.2

“so don’t install be tempted to install Compiz to get some fancy themes from Emerald.”

Not to sound disrespectful, but I am not sure what you are telling me here. Are you telling me to not install Compiz? Or are you implying that I should install it from the KDE Community Repo?

I am saying you don’t need Compiz and if that was the source of your issue before, every good reason to leave it be.

The kde repo can provide you with some more themes that will enliven your selection in kde.