Experience with SuSE 11.2 RC2


since SuSE 11.2 RC2 was released I dowloaded it and installed it on one of my machines (Intel Quad, Nvidia GT8800, 4GB). With this machine I went for the first time for the 64 bit version.

Good news: It works!

Bad news:

kernel sources do not match the installed kernel and I do not have the time to fiddle around with installing kernels that I compiled on my own.

The result of it is that I cannot test VM (6.5) ware because it does not get its modules compiled and installed.

A real shock to me was that RC2 does not come with and official version of Thunderbird. The result of it is that it seems to be impossible to add new dictionaries. At least I tried with the French dictionary (that is where I would need it most and I do not really understand why Thunderbird makes adding dictionaries such a pain in the a**) and this failed. However, the worst thing that I can report from my side on Thunderbird is that the mail filters do not work with the imap server that we are using.

So please consider twice which version of Thunderbird you include in the gold master.



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