Expanding root and home logical volumes

So today I needed to switch from openSolaris to a viable OS on my workstation and decided to install openSUSE after having good experiences with it on my personal laptop. I ran into some problems partitioning one of the two hard disks installed on the system. I was limited on the amount of time I could spend at the office doing the install so I decided to use LVM on the one hard disk that seemed to work okay.

I picked LVM because although I don’t know much at all about LVM, I at least know enough that it would allow me to expand the root and home partitions once I get the 2nd hard drive working correctly. So now that I’ve gotten the 2nd disk working okay, I’ve created two physical volumes on the 2nd drive, one to expand the root partition and one to expand the home partition.

So, my question is, can I expand the root an home partitions while they are mounted or should I boot into a live CD environment before I expand the partitions? If I could expand them without booting into a different environment, that would be so great as I don’t want to have to drive out to the office again before Monday.


BTW, I am a new openSUSE user and an ex Ubuntu user. I loved the Ubuntu forums but had to switch because I do not agree with the direction that Ubuntu is taking. Please prove to me that the openSUSE community is as good or better!!!

I don’t use LVM but I’d never fiddle with the partitioning on mounted partitions. If you have internet access and a CD burner, why not just download a suitable boot CD?

Yeah, I don’t feel comfortable with making changes to mounted file systems either. I just wanted to double check that this is indeed a dangerous thing to do.

The problem with the live CD solution is that I will have to drive 30 minutes to the office to sit down at my workstation. I am looking for a solution that would allow me to set up the new disk remotely. Anyway, I guess I’ll just wait until I have to go in to the office tomorrow. It won’t kill me to live without the additional space for one more day.