Expanding RAID 5 capacity in OS on Dell PowerEdge T640 with PERC H730P embedded controller

I have expanded virtual disk capacity from 10 TB to 26 TB. Now I want this larger capacity to show up in the OS file system. What is the procedure for doing this?

OS is LEAP 15.1.

Note: This is NOT a software RAID.

Have you tried inspecting the changed partition(s) with the YaST Partitioner? I understand it has become quite powerful during the recent few years, especially when dealing with server-class mass storage.

Depends greatly on your setup, whether you have a ext4 one-root-to-rule-them-all system, a btrfs layout or even an LVM.

Need more information, that being said:
rescan-scsi-bus.sh would rescan the virtual adapters.

growpart could resize the partition table to fill the entire disk (zypper in growpart, growpart -h for help)