Expand storage

want to expand my storage what solution should I use?.

I have start with 4 disk raid 5 (2.7 TB) and used LVM and format with ext3
That work fine

I then extend the raid with one disk (3.6 TB)
(It took some time to let the raid controller to expand the disks)
That work fine

Then I started the Expert Partitions.
Under “Hard disks” I read
/dev/sdb 3.64 TB Adaptec

Under Volume Management I read
/dev/VG1 2.73 TB
/dev VG1 / /LG1 2.273

I can’t figure out how to create the new logical drive.
I have tried to “Add Volume Group” under â"Volume Management"
Then I get the message

There are not enough suitable unused devices to create a volume group”

I’m when I tried to “add” disk (I think is was wrong) Hard Disks

Then I get the message
The disk is in use and cannot be modified”

I can’t figure out how to extend it
Should I use some other solution?

The disks are 1TB and the controller is ADAPTEC 51245
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