Exlude multiple subvolumes and folders?

Clamscan will exclude multiple folders (it sees subvolumes as folders) with multiple parameters “–exclude-dir=REGEX”, what the REGEX look like (path or folder name)? Can only one parameter do the whole thing?

What is “clamscan”? I can not find it with YaST Software. When you want to ask about some product not in the standard repos, you better explain where, what, where from, etc. People here are not clairvoyant.

And when it is from elsewhere, consider asking the maintainer, builder, provider. That might be a quicker solution.

As explained in the same man page, REGEX is regular expression. Unfortunately, what man page does not say, is

  • which flavor of regular expressions is supported (there are at least basic and extended to name a few)
  • whether it checks full path or just final path component (i.e. file name in the narrow sense)

Regular expressions are very basic thing on Unix, you could start with man 7 regex. From cursory search it seems that clamav supports at least extended regular expressions and someone said it is using Henry Spencer’s library which AFAIK implements even more advanced version (integrating some features of Perl regular expressions).

You are probably better off asking on dedicated clamav support resources.