Existing system's image?


Is there a way to create a boot image of the existing SUSE system and then import it on another system? If yes how to take a boot image of the entire system and how can i make it to run on another system running same OS?


There are different ways to do this. Here’s one. Some other ppl might come and write other ways (I hope – diversity is good).

Attach a usb hard drive to the computer that holds the installation. Make the drive is devoid of partitions.

Boot the computer with GParted live CD and copy the partitions, however many make the installation, across to the usb drive.

Boot the existing installation with the usb drive still attached.

Edit the files menu.lst and fstab to reflect the partitioning where you will relocate the partitions.

Take the drive out of the usb housing and put it in the new computer and boot it up.
Attach the drive to the new computer by usb, boot the new computer with GParted live cd and copy the image to the new drive. Boot the new installation.

You have to give much thought to the partitioning on the destination and edit the correct files in the usb copies so they will match.

There will be other problems, and you can use the Installation DVD’s repair facility for those.


From the command line:

dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb

This way the entire drive a is copied to drive b. If you only want this to be done for a partition you go:
dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/sdb1

All this assuming that the second drive is empty. You do need to make changes to the files mentioned in the previous post

A good read of ‘man dd’ should bring you where you want to go.