exfat in kernel 5.4 and fuse

Hi, I have noticed TW now has 5.4 kernel, which should contain native support for exfat/fat64. I have fuse-exfat (and exfat-utils) installed from the past. I’m curious which driver will TW use to handle exfat now? Should I rather zypper rm fuse-exfat now to avoid conflict or data loss?

I have been using NTFS on dual boot for some time, all worked fine, no unexpected shutdowns, ntfs support is quite good, yet it led to data corruption eventually. So I switched to fat64 and I had no data corruption since then. What is the recommended way to use exfat with kernel 5.4? I’d rather use it by the book to avoid data corruption again ;-)Thanks.

I can only relate from experience in the past when it was common to implement NTFS support by using NTFS-3G which is also a FUSE implementation, later to be replaced by native kernel support for NTFS, and again regarding autofs…

There will likely be a short transition period as the new kernel support is rolled out.
When the kernel module is first available upstream, it’s unlikely the module will be blacklisted (why? No one will likely even know it’s there unless someone looks for it)those who are impatient can activate the kernel module manually and test how it works if they want.
It’s likely that the kernel module won’t be the default implementation until it’s passed QA.
When the kernel module is fully implemented, it’ll likely be more reliable and “just works” compared to the FUSE implementation so at that time I’d recommend you switch over, but you can take your time if you wish… I doubt that the FUSE implementations will ever stop working, so for instance AFAIK NTFS-3G can still be implemented today but I doubt anyone does anymore.


What tsu2 says :wink:

If you remove exfat-utils fuse-exfat packages and add exfat back into /etc/filesystems it does work. Auto mounts in GNOME DE just fine, if you just want to read devices it would be fine, but AFAIK you still need the tools to create the filesystem…

Hi and thank you both for explaining. I was not aware, that ntfs support is included in the kernel, I thought only stable software gets there:O I’m aware, that exfat-utils are not in kernel. They say exfat support is based on open source from MS, so it should be better, but as you said, I will rather stick with fuse for a whie now. But how linux decides, which implementation will it use, if there are both? When I remove fuse and it will mount, I can be sure kernel was used. Are there some priorities, like fuse over kernel, or vice versa? I work mostly on linux, but not everything is possible, I need write support to avoid rebooting frenzy :wink:

Awhile back I wrote the following which can be used to identify and activate any kernel module



Thank you, TSU, it is useful. I see exfat in /lib/modules, but lsmod does not display exfat, so now I know I’m still using exfat-fuse.