executable file in bin folder

In linux if we put the executable file in bin folder, we can run this file with out specifying its path. Could anyone please tell the similar option in Windows OS. Thank you in advance.

In Unixc/Linux this works because the directory where the executable is is mentioned in the PATH environment variable, not because it is in some directory with the name bin.
E.g. for me (as end-user):

henk@boven:~> echo $PATH

I would not know if there is a mechanism like that in Windows because I know allmost nothing about Windows. But the above description could give you a hint.

Else I would advise you to go to a Windows forums where they should know everything :wink:

I searched google and it came up with this:
Windows PATH Variable | PCMech

Thank you very much to all. This is exactly what I want, I always find the solution of my problem in this forum. I prefer to use openSUSE but for some softwares constrain to use Windows.

Yes, and guess who copied who where the idea of a PATH config variable is concerned. (DOS and Unix that is.)

I’m glad that we could help :wink: