Excuse our dust while we experiment

Bear with us while we experiment with new rank icons which equate to forum posts. Feel free to give feedback. View all the ranks here: https://forums.opensuse.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=846

I would suggest to strip-search the designer for LSD or other drugs before she/he starts designing any new icons.


Honestly, for a brief moment I thought my graphics card had issues, these new icons look horrible and are totally overcrowded.

IMHO, such icons should provide information and not confuse people looking at them, although I seriously doubt rank icons are of real value at all.

(If you still need a name for the recent design, my suggestion would be “instant eye ball cancer”.)


What was/is wrong with the old rank icons?

Although I am not really in favor of this “ranking icons”-feature, at least the old icons were unobtrusive and yet somehow informative.

Hopefully they will improve. I also thought I had a video issue.

The green disks are OK, but superimposed images are plain clutter.
Maybe we don’t need as much detail with lower rankings and we definitely need a simpler model for 3750 and up.
(BTW, me too thinking about a video issue at first).

I know my eyesight’s not as good as it was… but… these new icons are rather on the LARGE size.

Sorry, much preferred the old ones :wink:

The new icons may be suitable for the “clever telephone” folks but, for people with “old-fashioned somewhat larger” screens they are, putting mildly, more than a little bit oversized.

Even if they were not that large, layering the next bunch of icons on top again and again is just a big no-no,
I mean this looks somehow like a big traffic accident in some 80’s video console racing game.

Just choose one member with > 20000 posts and you will see what I mean.

Also, but this is personal opinion, the lowest layer icons look butt-ugly, (open)SUSE and green are of course associated, but that type of green? Srsly?

And by that “put others on top” method those (ugly) icons will always be there and will always be the largest ones.

Well, that’s much better now.

However, there is one suggestion I would like to make.

Don’t use the red couloured brain symbol, this breaks somehow the “unobtrusive” but still somehow informative look.

After all, this colour change from green to red seems only to be there to have one extra step (+2000 vs. +2250), otherwise you could keep the “green only” design (except < 5 posts, but the grey symbol looks quite OK).

So why not make the steps just a little bigger for higher posting counts to have enough symbols without a colour change?


I agree with that.

Thanks for removing the clutter. Better avoid the red shift too, a larger step above 2000 posts should be OK.
I don’t like the “naked brain” icon personally: what about a penguin, a lizard or a (full) human head instead?

Possibly sharpen the images somewhat – the experience that we’ve had with the KDE Plasma 5 Oxygen icons is that, 32x32 pixel SVG icons look “sharp enough” on legacy (< ~100 dpi) screens – I have no personal experience with things such as 12" 2304 ×1440 screens but, there seems to be a trend to using somewhat more SVG pixels to satisfy the capabilities of high-resolution displays.

+1. IMO* it looks like (ugly) hamburger meat. If a brain is really unavoidable, couldn’t it be green as the other icons? Or at least gray, it’s natural color?

  • but I’m no art critic, so what do I know? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they are fine :slight_smile: but if the majority thinks otherwise I have no problem with the old ones.