Excruciantingly slow repo download. Is there any mirror?

This repo has taken ages to load with Yast update:

This is not the first time, IINM. Is there a mirror somewhere?

I have to say, the repo system in 15.3 is a bit of a mess, but I’ve read that it is not easy to fix.

Likely just need a closer mirror that has synced…

For example, do you see a mirror in your locale here:

Are there other mirrors in your locale (I see three Leap 15.3 in Brazil);

As these mirrors (as all are) not under the infrastructure team, it would be best if you contact the administrators of the mirrors and talk to them about any improvements that could be achieved at their end. Find some more companies/universities etc that may add a mirror…

Hi, malcolm.

IFAIU this repo should redirect to the faster/better/whatever mirror, right? On the second page you linked it says:

The information on this page is generated directly off the database used by the master download server every 30 minutes. Under normal circumstances, there should be no need to use mirrors directly, and look at this table for that purpose. If you do see the need, there might be something wrong and it would be appreciated if you notify the admins about it, so it can be fixed for the benefit of yourself, and possibly many other users.

If the problem persists, is there a way to know which mirror is currently in use for reporting to the admins?



I don’t know of a good way of getting that information. But you can use:

ss -t

while it is downloading, and that might suggest the IP address of the mirror that you are using.