Excluding software when installing OS

I’ve been deleting software post-install, e.g., plymouth, packagekit, and so on. I know you can exclude software during the install, but I’ve not found any directions for doing this. Can someone give me such directions?


When I am installing, I usually click on “Software” on the summary screen. That’s where you can make choices.

On the next screen, toward the bottom, there is a button labeled “Details”. I click that. And now I have a detailed look at the software that is being installed. I can check or uncheck particular packages. I can click on the “View” button and select “Search” to search by package name. It is really the screen from Yast Software Management.

So search there for “plymouth” and uncheck it. And do the same for “packagekit”.

Thanks. Exactly what I needed.

Note that if you’re trying avoid installing because you have limited disk space, excluding software during installation won’t do much…
The undesirable apps will be installed, then removed because the apps are listed in a pattern to be installed (or might be part of a base image).

So, the your effort to identify those apps is probably about the same no matter if you uninstall during or after install.


IMHO the OP simply does not want those packages installed. From the very beginning. I also have a list of packages that I deselect (and taboo) on installation (and by incident? his and my list have at least a few similarities). I carry that list over from one version to the other, adapting it as needed.

I’m sorry, but this is nonsense. If i deselect apps during install, they will not be installed. Definitely not. If these are part of a pattern package ( which has only recommends/suggests ), one would have to lock them, since they would be installed on the first ‘zypper up’. But, they do not get installed during install.

Unless something has changed when I wasn’t looking,
The behavior is as I described… The undesirable apps won’t be there when completed but if you watch what is happening <during> the install, you’ll see the apps installed by default, then uninstalled before completing.


The result being that those packages are NOT on the system after system installation. That is what the OP asked for and which was answered adequate in the first answer above. Thus no need to bother the OP with what may or may not happen internal. Neither to assume that he is in need of disk space.

I repeat:

  1. the user asked;
  2. got a answer that covers his question and that in line with how many do this;
  3. the user expressed his satisfaction with the answer and thanked for the help…

That should finish the whole discussion.