Excluding folders from BtrFS

BtrFS is sooo great, and designed so that an idiot like myself should understand. rotfl!
I used snapper to setup snapshots for /home but I want to exclude Downloads and Documents
and other folders but from what I’ve seen you have to create a subfolder to exclude
folders but btrfs says the subfolder exists. I’m not sure if it’s saying /home/feh/Downloads
exist or it exists as a subvolume…

Is there a detailed tutorial on the interwebs?

Help mee plz!

PLEASE, allways tell which version of openSUSE you use.

So copy and paste exact command invocation and its output.

Sorry, I’m using 13.1. All I had to do was to move those original folders and create the subvolume and move my files over.
It was so easy to fix that issue that I thought it couldn’t possibly be that simple.