Hi Everyone,

I just purchased my new pc and I will be installing …guess what…??? openSUSE 11.1 I cant wait. I have been in the IT industry for years and now finally I have decided to have Linux as my one and only desktop. I have been testing and playing around with openSUSE as from SUSE 9.1.

Linux has all that one needs for a desktop/home computer. Its fast, efficient and secure. And now I can make all my family and friends stand in awe of the 3D effects of kwin.

Thanks for all the friendly replies on my posts when I had issues, I am sure there will be some more to come from time to time.

To all the windows users out there, come on and give Linux a try. Its a great operating system!

Kind regards


I remember that is essentially how I felt when first playing around with (Red Hat) Linux circa 2000-2001. I had been aware of it before this, but didn’t have a computer of my own to install it on. I sincerely hope you will use this energy to help and encourage others with Linux as your knowledge grows.