exchange ff3 beta 5 for 3.0.1

please excuse my extreme ignorance as i learn to navigate this (new to me) operating system.

The version of SUSE I have came with Firefox 3 beta 5, but I would like to have Firefox 3.0.1 instead. I know from my experiences with XP that you can install a new official release of Firefox and it will leave any beta versions alone. Is this also the case in linux?

How should I go about removing the Beta version and installing the new version? Is there an updater or something of the sort I should be using?

I’ve got openSUSE 11.0 running KDE.


Goto yast > package management then look for firefox. Check the box to get the upgrade symbol and accept. It will do the job for you

I just did the online update and it took care of it automatically. Try the online update in Yast.