Exchange 2007 support in Kontact

After some time I installed good old OpenSuse 12.3 on my machine and ditched Windows 8.1. Problem is now that I cannot find a way to setup Kontact with an Exchange 2007 server. I would like to use the Outlook Web Access and Kontact to connect with each other. Is this possible?

I’m not a kontact user, but IMO your best route to success lies with using DavMail (Exchange gateway). I connect to an Exhange server using this method with my Thuderbird email and calender client.

DavMail POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP Exchange Gateway

Install the applicable openSUSE package via

then read the Linux documentation on the davmail website.

Thank you for the tip, but this is only working once. After setting up the first contact with the Exchangeserver succeeded and it looks like the application is autostarted after reboot, but then no more mail or calendar everts are synced. Is this common? When starting the application by hand I receive errors that the IP ports are already in use.

You can check if davmail is already running from a terminal with

ps -A|grep davmail

If running, you should get something like this returned

 1673 ?        00:00:00 davmail

It should show up in your KDE system tray (small yellow icon) as well.

BTW, I have davmail configured to autostart using System Settings >> Startup and Shutdown >> Autostart

Did you do that already?