Exaile and .wma files

Suse 11.3 64bit - KDE 4.4.4

What gstreamer plugin do I need to play .wma files in Exaile


If it’s alright to have some extra packages installed (I do not know precisely which gstreamer package that holds the .wma codecs) you could install gstreamer-plugins-good, -bad, -ugly and maybe(?) the gstreamer-ffmpeg, plus dependencies packages of course.

I just tested .wma with Clementine and it worked, so I suppose Exaile will work as well.
The above packages is what I have installed, make sure they are all Packman packages. Some gstreamer packages is available from OpenSuSE as well and they may cause trouble.


Also don’t forget these gstreamers fluendo-mp3, mpegdemux, mpegmux, & good-extra make sure to get the Packman versions.

i knew there was a reason i liked smplayer/mplayer and just the one 2010 all codec tarball file .

I upgraded the packages you suggested to the Packman version, but that didn’t do the trick. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.