I had a lot of problems with my system that I could not seem to fix, so I did a backup of the important data and did a fresh install. Leap 15.2 to Leap 15.2 I have to say the process went surprisingly well! openSUSE has come a LONG way!


Evolution is giving me problems. I did a complete backup of it’s data to a drive on my server. After the install of Leap, I installed evolution and did a restore of the backup file. Every bit of the data and settings were there. BUT, I cannot get it to log into my mail server.

Each time I try to check for mail in an account, I am asked the password for that account. It is refused.

I am using pop accounts.
I have 20 email accounts
I have checked the settings for all of the accounts.
So, the problem exists for all the accounts.

My email server (on the domain hosting service) supports pop accounts using port 995, uses TLS on a dedicated port, and requires a password to receive mail, For SMTP, they use port 465, TLS on dedicated port, and plain authentication.

These setting were working well before the re-installation.

Any ideas as to what has changed?

A follow up. I disabled the firewall and had no changes.


I can only speculate here. More information about your emaill server implementation may be relevant here. Is your email server using older openssl libraries perhaps?

I don’t have a ready to go solution but what I can remember that Evolution always made problems for me when doing a new install. It takes a couple of restarts/reboots before it starting to work without asking for passwords/don’t let you in. Most problems for me is with gmail(imap) but also with my own axigen mailserver(imap). Maybe my problems is caused by the use of Evolution(and Remmina) in a KDE (openSUSE Leap 15.2) environment and gnome-keyring instead of kde wallet.
Anyway after some restarts/reboots its working for me (on 3 different pc’s). God luck.


Sorry for the delay in responding. I had mostly the same experience as jonte1. I removed evolution, did a bug hunt using find for anything named evol* and deleted it (there was a TON of stuff). After a reinstallation and reboot all is again working as it should. Seems like it’s something in the installation scripts that want gnome installed. I’m using kde.
In any event, evolution is the one application that meets my needs and I’d hate to be without it.

Ok, thanks for the update.