Evolution won't start the week with Sunday

Suse 11.3/Gnome 2.30.0

I cannot get the monthly view to start the week on Sunday. The settings seem right but they don’t stick. Restarting Evolution always defaults to a week start on Monday even though the defaults display Sunday. I’ve viewed the default settings the following two ways:

Within Evolution…
Edit > Preferences > Calendar and Tasks > week starts on “Sunday”

GNOME Configuration editor…
/apps/evolution/calendar/display/week_start_day = 0 (Sunday)

I tried searching the Evolution Web site Mailing Lists but got zip. Thought I’d post here first. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

So if you have Evolution calendars open, as well as gconf-editor and toggle between 0 and 1, does evolution change to Sunday?

Yes - with both open at the same time, each time I make a change in gconf-editor it affects Evolution. However, if I close then re-open Evolution it defaults to Monday despite gconf-editor week_start_day = 0 which makes it seem like Evolution is not reading all or some of the gconf-editor keys when it launches. I tested a different key (compress_weekend = true) and Evolution read/interpreted that properly.

A bug has been reported on this. Download the patch, or upgrade to 2.32.


Thanks - I think I’ll go for the upgrade.