Evolution updates

I am using OpenSuse 12.3 with the Gnome desktop. I’ve been having a few hang up issues with Evolution Mail and when looking at the Bugzilla website I see that my Evolution version is 3.6.3 when there is a stable release of 3.8 and 3.9 coming soon.
I would have expected to see updates for Evolution coming through and me having the latest version or close to the latest version. Maybe I don’t have the repository setup for the updates. I do have the repository Gnome Apps listed and checked.
Is Suse updating the app from time to time or do I have to download the rpm and install it myself?
What is the best way to do the update?

First: it’s openSUSE. The name, spelling and capitalization.
Second: Updates are done on the distro’s package versions. If you want to move to GNOME 3.8 (which holds Evolution 3.8) you will need to add this repo:


Okay, thanks.
It sounds then from your reply that the updates for Evolution will remain in the 3.6 camp until the new Gnome comes out in the next release of openSUSE (sp :)) 13.1 or whatever.
I’m a bit hesitant to change up to the later Gnome (I have been looking in there to see if it’s a worthwhile upgrade) in case I find myself with all sorts of problems. Maybe I’ll wait for the new release of openSUSE.

I have my problem reported in Bugzilla but I wonder if they will worry about problems in 3.6 when they are working on 3.9. I would have hoped that an app like Evolution would be seamless through all the releases. Anyway, we’ll see if Bugzilla comes back with anything.

Hm, hold up. Unless you’re an experienced openSUSE user, you shouldn’t be enabling extra repos like GNOME:Apps. That repo probably doesn’t have anything you want unless you know specifically there’s an app in there which you want at a newer version than is available from the stable repos. (Certainly Evolution is not in there.) See https://build.opensuse.org/project/show?project=GNOME%3AApps for an exact list.

Evolution is very much tied to a particular version of GNOME. openSUSE 12.3 ships GNOME 3.6, so if you stick with openSUSE’s stable repos then you shouldn’t expect an update past Evolution 3.6.4, which is the last release in the 3.6.x series. (That’s not a bad thing - with Evolution, stability is perhaps measured better by the third digit than the second. :)) The only easy way to get Evolution 3.8.x on openSUSE is to enable the GNOME:STABLE:3.8 repo (which means stable UPSTREAM release - you won’t find it as stable as GNOME 3.6 from the official repos; I’m running it now and it’s crashed three times today).

I recommend just waiting for an update to hit the stable repos, which currently hold v3.6.3. They really ought to have v3.6.4 by now. There’s a bug for this at Access Denied

Could you post a link to this bug report please?