Evolution - Strange wastebasket behaviour


When I move an email from one folder to another, a copy appears in the wastebasket. If I move an email back and forth 10 times, 10 copies appear in the wastebasket.

Anyone else seen this or know how to fix it?

I too have the same problem, which is strange but not so annoying. the annoying part is that for me it also deletes all messages previoulsly in the folder to wich I transfer the message.

I have not been using Evolution for long but I started with Ubuntu 8.10. I didn’t notice any trouble. Then on another computer I installed Ubuntu 9.04 (to replace windows), and Evolution became unstable, frequently freezing, then I started to have this problem.

Upon advice I decided to replace ubuntu 9.04 by OpenSuse 11.1, wich I just did, and I’ve got the same problem (I restored the data with the restauration file I made previously to overriding ubuntu).

I am just starting to search the net to try and solve my problem, so I don’t know (yet, hopfully) how to solve it.

I found this on Evolution’s FAQ page.
FAQ - Evolution

So the behaviour I described appears to be normal.

I have, View | Hide Deleted Messages - checked, so I wasn’t seeing the crossed out message in addition to the copy in the wastebasket.

I haven’t had any problems of it deleting the contents of a folder I move a message to, so I can’t offer any suggestions. If I come across anything I’ll post it here.