Evolution-Part of screen cut off, how to fix?

Hi, I have Evolution contact manager, works well but I cant seem to see the bottom of the screen, its cut off. Is there a way to change the screen size (particularly the Contact/Editor/Personal Information as I want to access the “notes” part of the application"
Opensuse Gnome 11.1 on Lenovo S10e Netbook!

I know, it sucks. This has been an issue with my 12" laptop for a while.

I thought something was done, though, because that’s been better for me in recent versions.

If it’s the same issue… there isn’t much except memorize how many times you have to hit “Tab”.

oh! that is not good. Will give up then and use “web log” as my notes, its higher up the screen than the notes area. thanks anyhow

I’m not sure if fiddling with the overall settings for buttons and text will make a difference, but it may just shrink it slightly.

This has been a pet-peeve of mine for a while. That was one plus for using Thunderbird instead.

Hopefully somebody has a tweak to fix it, otherwise I think I put an openFATE or suggested it with Canonical’s 100 Papercuts project or somewhere. It didn’t get far, though.

Yes, thanks. Will look at Thunderbird instead…haven’t used it for years but will give it ago.