Evolution pagination problem

For years now, I have been frustrated by pagination difficulties when I want to print a long email text from Evolution. At least one line is always suppressed between pages. No matter how I format the page, the line(s) is(are) not printed. Do others experience the same problem? Is it a problem with Evolution or Cups? Does anyone know how to master it?


For example: the bottom two lines were missing from the first page of a two-page an email I just printed. The pagination is miserable! Does anyone have a solution? printing to pdf file a just a little better, only one line is missing.

And this is a real pain in the neck when printing things like train tickets with code blocks for scanning. These are no use to anyone if they are cut off at the top or bottom.

Doesn’t anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know what I have to do to get round it?

I don’t use Evolution so haven’t seen your described problem, but I agree that what you describe is a serious error.

As a workaround,
I’ve often found that either in the Application, or sometimes in the Printer settings it’s possible to print raw, unformatted text (except for line breaks).
Another possibility is instead of printing from Evolution, copy the entire content into another application, and print from that application.

It’s a lot of extra work, but one of the above two workarounds should address your problem until it’s fixed.

Don’t forget to submit a bug to https://bugzilla.opensuse.org
If you’ve seen this problem for a long time, it’s probably because either no one else has bothered to report the problem or people rarely print content where the content includes last lines. Email content is a special case because either messages are not formatted for page printing or no page formatting is done at all. Be sure to include screenshots and actual content in your bug report (likely as attachments).

From a Developer’s definition, I don’t think that this is what comes to mind immediately when you call it “pagination” although in a way it is. IMO this is better described as a “page format and printing” problem.


Bug submitted