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Hi all,

I’m having strange issue with my evolution here, having set account with yahoo each time I turn evolution on I am getting tones of previously deleted emails.
there is no problem with gmail account just yahoo. is it POP3 on yahoo server issue, evolution issue?

now I am even getting a warning message each time I send something, saying “error while fetching mail, cannot get POP summary success”

any ideas how to deal with it?

incoming/outgoing mail server was set correctly, to fix that problem I installed evolution-data-server, evolution-data-server + libraries and evolution-exchange
it helped and evolution works fine, for now anyway.

There seems to be a bug with 11.4 (Bug 674271), evolution-data-server no longer is selected as a default install when Evolution is installed. It appears to be more necessary than previously thought as 11.3 and 11.2 select it by default.
The Description says;
“Evolution Data Server provides a central location for your address book and
calendar in the GNOME Desktop”

I had issues with KDE, Evolution, Evolution-Exchange and it was fixed by installing Evolution-Data-Server.

In my case, evolution-data-server was in place, but it still happened after upgrade from F14 to F15 (yes, I am aware of this is an OpenSUSE forum). Reinstallation of evolution-data-server did not resolve the problem. I am still looking for a solution.