Evolution on KDE Desktop

I recently upgraded to openSUSE 12.1, found the new Gnome3 desktop unsuitable for my needs and decided that KDE4 is the preferable GUI desktop for me. The Default PIM in KDE4 is Kontact, which I could not get stabilized after considerable effort. I uninstalled Kontact and installed Evolution in Yast. Evolution is stable.

I was able to retrieve my old email and settings from an Evolution backup made before the upgrade to openSUSE 12.1.

I was able to transfer my Contacts from my Blackberry by synchronizing with Outlook on a Windows box and then making a .pst archive to a flash drive and importing it into Evolution.

The Contacts created by importing from a .pst file do not link with the Mail function in Evolution. There is no contact list available when I use the “To” button on a new email. The Select Contacts dialog box pops up showing Address Book = Personal (the only one on the machine), Category = Any Category, an empty Search box and an empty Contacts list.

What am I missing? Several possibilities have crossed my mind:

  • I did not install the packages necessary to link the Contacts list to Mail when I installed Evolution
  • There is a distinction between Address Book and Contacts in Evolution requiring Contacts to be moved into an Address Book for use with Mail.

If someone would point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.


You backed up your old /home I presume. All the Evolution folders should be in there and can be copied over to your new homedir.

Yes, I did back up my home folder and had no problem getting back my old files after the New Install upgrade to 12.1.

The problem is that I never had a complete Address Book in the old Evolution installation. My most complete Address Book is on my Blackberry synched with Outlook on a Windows machine. The contacts have been imported to Evolution successfully (described in Background above) but do not link to the mail component of Evolution after being imported.

Take a look at Evolution’s preferences. You should see the addressbook with imported contacts. Make that active, select it as the addressbook to be used.

There is only one Address book on this machine. It is called “Personal” and it is active (checked).

When I go to Contacts, all 800+ contacts are shown in the Personal address book, complete with multiple addresses, multiple phone numbers, multiple email addresses, personal information and notes. There is a LOT of information there (there are many columns, some blank, for each contact, including up to 4 email addresses)

But, when I try to send an email, the Personal contacts box to select an email address is empty. I must manually type the proper email address into the To box of the Send New Mail form.


PS: As a side note, I think Novell bought Evolution when they bought Ximian (?sp). There may be some Evolution experts on the Novell side of the aisle.