Evolution-mapi for openSUSE 12.3

Hello community,

I need to connect to a MS Exchange Server 2007 (including public folder support) over MAPI. Until recently I used davmail + thunderbird for this. However, a few weeks ago I decided to give evolution + evolution mapi a second try. I installed it from OBS which went perfectly and I was/am impressed. It is exactly what I need, much faster than davmail and much more stable than when I tried it last time.

However, I would like to update eventually to 12.3 on my laptop too. Has anybody succeeded compiling evolution MAPI on 12.3 (running KDE)? Would I need to compile the whole evolution package? Is there a way to create an rpm package (for somebody with no knowledge of rpm packaging) and then install this package?

Thank you!

I’m running Evolution on 12.3 with KDE and connecting to Office 365. I didn’t have to do anything special, except to install the ews plugin. I just choose Evolution and the ews plugin and let YaST take care of the dependencies.

Thank you for that.
I read…
“The EWS Exchange Connector is using the Exchange Web Services interface and is therefore compatible with Exchange 2007 and later. Provides exchange connectivity for exchange server 2007 and later using exchange web services protocol.”

In contrast “evolution mapi” uses the MAPI protocol. In my experience this is a lot faster than any web service.

Are you able to see public folders with the “EWS Exchange connector”?

I am not able to see these folders when I directly connect over my browser, and I really need them. Another solution would be to go back to Davmail, but this also is significantly slower than the MAPI plugin plus OS 12.2.


It has been packaged again:). Going to try it on my desktop, and I guess on the Weekend I ll upgrade my laptop to 12.3.

My thanks to Achaios.

I have an Office365 account (as well as a Live account) so this sounds encouraging and will have to try it out.