Evolution mail freezing when trying to edit signatures

I have OpenSUSE 13.1 64bit system with GNOME desktop. I run Evolution 3.10.2 mail client.
One of my mail accounts has signature with .png file in it. The file is not showing in the signature. I don’t know when it stopped showing up. When I try to edit signatures, I go to Edit -> Preferences -> Composer Preferences. When I click the ‘Signatures’ tab, Evolution freezes. One CPU thread goes to 100% and even after leaving it for 5 minutes, Evolution remains unresponsive. I have to kill it.
When running Evolution from terminal, this error message shows up when I click the ‘Signatures’ tab:

** Message: console message: evo-file:/// @15: Not allowed to load local resource: file:///home/pol/tyo/absolut_design/_vzory/logo-AD-hnede.png

The path is the correct path to my image. I checked permissions on the file - me and my group have both read and write permissions to the file.
The mail account with the signature was imported to this instance of Evolution from another instance of evolution.
Does anyone have idea what might be wrong. Is there a way to completely delete the signature from command line? That might be solution - to delete the signature and recreate it.