Evolution in leap crashes/does not display.

Fairly new installation of Leap and therefore Evolution. 2 days in a row, Evolution did not show as a running application in my tool bar. Yesterday the notification from Evolution showed but not the calendar or mail. Removed and re-installed Evolution and it came up. Today I tried launching from both applications and Konsole and nothing, Top does not even show Evolution running.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, Evolution is running as fine as usual here on Gnome. If you are using Konsole, maybe you are on KDE?
Please be aware that Evolution is a Gnome application and might not be as well integrated with the KDE desktop.
I’m not a regular KDE user and never ran Evolution there, so if you are using KDE maybe somebody else is better suited to help you.

Am using KDE but have also been running Evolution in KDE Ubuntu and Mint for years, as well as the 32 bit Opensuse.

Sorry for a misunderstanding, what I meant is that KDE got a large revamp for Leap 42.2 and so I’m not surprised to see that an application developed for Gnome might not be as well integrated or thoroughly tested in the KDE desktop yet.