Evolution IMAPS...or maybe regression(?)

For a while I’ve been happily using Evolution on Kubuntu 11.04 with imaps and everything was working fine, until about a week or so. Interestingly enough it appears to have stopped working. I know it isn’t the server, because I can use mutt and thunderbird and access my mail. I pulled up wireshark to look at what was being sent across the wire from what I could see I was getting malformed packets back from the server. I know that this should be in a Ubuntu Forum or something, but does anyone know of a patch or something that has been released recently or something that may have slipped by? I am putting it here in OpenSuSE forums because of Novell supporting Evolution. I also know that I would have seen a patch, but I just reinstalled Kubuntu with updates.

Vague and Off Topic, but if anyone else has noticed anything it’d be nice to know.