Evolution/HOWTO/autocomplete and sound for receiving e-mails


Subject:Evolution/HOWTO/autocomplete and sound for receiving e-mails

Dear opeSuSE user and fans,

I need your help for 2 issues .These are:

1.How can I set Evolution when I enter e-mail adress for someone and that adress was used evolution to recognize/autocomplte option.It’s missing by default.
2.How can I set Evolution for when I receive a e-mail to make a sound /wav.

Thank you in advance for your help and your time.

PS: In the help I looked,Help is missing.Maybe better is the “man”.But I don’t find anything with man evolution.Autocompletion don’t occur by default in Evolution.
I tried myself to solve,but I can’t.
Really I need your help because I can benefit more if something don’t work.


I looked in FAQ/nothing help me.

also info don’t work.

autocomplete SOLVED.I will see with e-sound

And I would like to know how I set evolution to be alerted when a new e-mail is coming.
in FAQ is written :edit>preference/general/notification.I looked for notification.I DIDN’T FIND IT.
In fact I did’n find it at all .
Evolution version=