Evolution Froze while importing addressbook

I was attempting to retrieve my old settings in Evolution from an exported file. ( saved some time ago ).

I recently did a re-install of SUSE 11.1 because of many problems with the KDE Desktop. I now have the Gnome desktop and it’s applications and all was working fine. I attempted to retrieve my old e’mail settings from a saved tar.gz file. I got a message that something had changed in Evolution and it was “Migrating” well this evidently froze Evolution. I cannot now open Evolution. If I try I get the same error box, saying it is “migrating” but it is not responding.


Here is the message I received:


The summary format of the Evolution mailbox folders has been moved to sqlite since Evolution 2.24
Please be patient while evolution mitrates your folders…

This message has been frozen on my screen for half an hour now.
When I force close it and attempt to re-start evolution I get the same message. Yet the progress bar shows nothing is happening.

When I close it, I get the message—migration is not responding

Has anyone else had this problem. I use my e’mail often. Right now I am awaiting some important messages and cannot access them!