Evolution failing to get mailbox, failed to obtain authentication token.

openSUSE Factory x64. Evolution 3.12.6

“The reported error was “Failed to obtain an access token for ‘roger.luedecke@gmail.com’: Failed to refresh access token (rest-proxy-error-quark, 3): Could not connect: Network is unreachable”.”

Factory is 13.2 and it’s still in beta please use the beta forum. You can ask to have this thread moved

I was running 13.2 RC, and dup to Factory. They are not the same.

No but the problems are addressed at the same place ie the beta forum. All other forums are for “released” versions

At the moment factory is where the 13.2 beta versions are built when 13.2 is released it will be where the 13.3 versions is built and so on.

You are asking about problems in software that has not been released and you should address those concerns to a forum supplied for that purpose.