Evolution external editor?

How do I access the external editor in evolution This was announced in 2.21.4, and the 2.22 release notes also mention it.

If I need to upgrade to a newer (non-SUSE?) version, where is that rpm?

I’ve googled all the obvious words.


I don’t use evolution, so I’m not sure about that feature, but the newest evolution openSUSE RPM I could find was here:


Thanks. However, it crashed when I installed it (and it does warn that it’s unstable and that some features don’t work).

Is it possible that the external editor feature turned out to have some serious problem, so it was deleted but that wasn’t mentioned?

BTW, downgrading evolution back to 2.22 exposed an error in the rpm dependency list.
Altho it says

gtkhtml2 >= 3.10.0

in fact, 3.18 is required. The newer version causes evolution to crash on startup.

If evolution fails to connect to a mail server, then it returns precisely one bit of info: that it failed. (cue the old joke Brian Kernighan has an automobile which he helped design. )

Is it possible to get more details, such as a log of the connection attempt? Some other mailers do this.

Otherwise, I’m left just guessing what might have gone wrong.