Evolution Exchange connector and --- Exchange 2010

I have been googling the subject but having no luck finding any information
about the future of the exchange connector and it working with exchange
2010. Anybody out there have any insight on this?

Bob T

btimber wrote:
> Anybody out there have any insight on this?

generally, new versions of their software have been ‘improved’ to the
point that they will not work with the software not of their making…

or even their previous software that they want to force you to stop
using–hence, you may find that Anything 2010 won’t work with '95,
'98, ME, XP, Vista or anything else either…

they call it “upgrading” (which is a code word meaning transferring
money from your pocket to theirs)…

if Exchange 2010 does not work with open source software, then it will
eventually, just hang on…or choose something other than Lock-In-Plus.

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