Evolution don't retrieve mail

I use evolution for a while and in the beginning it works fine. But Evolution don’t retrieve mail anymore. I get mail, I can see it on my webmail, But Evolution don’t retrieve it or don’t show the mail. What could be wrong?

I have not used Evolution for over a year. But I recall one annoying mistake I used to make with Evolution was to put in place a search filter, and then forget to remove it. There were many times where I went for days not seeing emails, because of some silly filter I had in place.

thats what I thought, but I don’t have any messagefilters…

I notice an other problem.
Evolution don’t show al my mail. I can’t read the not shown mail in Evolution.
But those mails I can’t see in Evolution are marked in my webmail as read.
But I never read them. Not in Evolution (because Evolution don’t show them) en not in my webmail…
Whats can I do about it?

Is it an IMAP email server? Evolution seems to be a little buggy handling that. At one time it lost connection to my IMAP server and there was nothing I could do to recover it, other than to remove the account and start over. I’ve upgraded Evolution since then, but it still fails to reconnect to the server after the computer returns from sleep mode. Shutting down Evolution and restarting it takes care of that.

No, it’s POP client