evolution contacts not syncing with Gmail (via online account)

I am using openSUSE 13.1 with GNOME 3.10.2 and Evolution 3.10.2. I have configured my Gmail account as an online account, so I can see my Gmail mail, contacts and calendar in Evolution.This worked fine for a long time.

Yesterday however when I started Evolution, it asked for a password for my Gmail account and, when I entered it, it said ‘Password incorrect’. I am sure I entered the right password. Now I can only see my Gmail mail and contacts, but not my Calendar.

I tried to remove the online account and create it again, but that did not help. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thijs Bennis

You can ask the support of evolution ( Apps/Evolution - GNOME Wiki! ).
That isn’t a bug made by openSUSE.

Is problem occurring soon after you log with the gnome popping up the request you sign into your email address with request password ?

IF yes, then just ignore it (use escape key) it will go away, so far no other obvious issues arising.

Self has this same, when after ignore it (use escape key) Evolution merrily goes on its way showing my emails :wink:

Appears to be an issue during users logging in, when GNOME_KEYRING_CONTROL environment variable is set, there pam modules are run to open a session, with the pam_gnome_keyring module believing it needs to, so tries and fails, to unlock the keyring.

Believe this permissions problem is known but not yet resolved.

It happens not only shortly after logging in, it also happens when I start Evolution later. I can choose to ignore the pop-up (with the Escape key), but then I don’t see my appointments from Google Calendar in Evolution. So I hope for a solution where I can see my appointments again.

Thank you, I have asked my question there in a mailing list.

Evolution earlier was seeing Yahoo Calendar but not Google, now seeing Google Calendar not Yahoo Calendar.

Both emails still fine :wink:

What self or they doing which changes things ?

Wonder if just uninstall, then delete history and start again…