Evolution contacts can not be migrated to evo 2.32.1

Since I move from opensuse 11.3 to 11.4 Evolution adressbooks do not work.
I appreciate any tips in howto fix addressbooks or how to migrate address books.

Evolution (OS 11.3) has the data in ~./evolution while Evolution 2.32.1 (OS 11.4) has the data in ~/local/share/evolution.

These are observations from what I have tried.

  1. The backup from Evo 2.3O.1.2 does not work under restore in 2.32.1

  2. If copy ~/.evolution and ~/.gconfig/apps/evolution form to 2.32.1 (that was the way to migrate under 2.30 and before).
    2.1 the setup is transfer and works
    2.2 the mail is transfer and works (including the folders)
    2.3 the contact folders are corrupted: some can not be open, some work, some can not be deleted. I change permission without any success.

  3. I delete ~/evolution (which has no effect in the new evolution), ~/.gconf/apps/evolution and ~./local/share/evolution. Then I reboot. (this is key) After I start evolution everything is new. I can make contact folders and they seems to work fine. I can add and delete contacts etc. Now If I import vcards created from evolution (as way to preserve all the contacts)and try to restore the folders something weird happens: the contacts are transfer to the folder specified but they are also transfer to the other folders. If I delete the contacts in one folder all the duplicates are also gone. If I tried to delete the folders I can not do it.

In summary I do not see a way to transfer the contacts from evolution to evolution 2.32.1.
I’m using opensuse 11.4 64b.

Thank you for any help.


The problem I have is not unique to me. I found many threads of users with the same problem. From all the reading and trial and error of many hours finally I have evolution 2.32.1 working using data and contact that I migrate fromevolution 2.30. I post this steps so it may help other users. By the way I’m using opensuse 11.4 KDE and before it was opensuse 11.3 KDE both 64b

Move Evolution mail and contacts from 2.30 to 2.32.1

  1. Delete the following directories


  3. Copy from evolution 2.30

  4. Start evolution and without any intervention

  5. Backup evolution (File/Backup evolution…)

  6. Remove

  7. Start evolution and restore from backup.

  8. If contacts still wrong
    Gentoo Linux Documentation – Gnome 2.32 Upgrade Guide