evolution bug with KDE openSuse 11.2

I really like the evolution program and it seems to install just fine on the gnome version of openSuse 11.2 but if I install on KDE it’s missing some icon files and I have to copy them from /usr/share/icons/gnome/NNxNN/actions/[filename].png to /usr/share/icons/oxygen/NNxNN/actions/[filename].png. The icon that staands out missing as soon as it’s installed is th eone for send/receive email. it’s file name is mail-send-receive.png

What I have to do is:
install evolution and observe that the icon image is busted because the icon file isn’t where it’s supposed to be.
hand copy the files from /gnome to /oxygen (this doesn’t fix it)
uninstall evolution
reinstall evolution
now the busted icon for send/receive mail is all better.

How do I get this info to the folks that maintain evolution so they can add the missing icons to the install?

thanks - mike

See if it hasn’t been reported on Bugzilla.


The bug has been reported and there are some workarounds for now:
ref bugzilla report#537953