Evolution background sync

Notify about new mails when they arrive,
even when evolution is closed and has not been opened since reboot/sleep

  • possible?
    Streaming would be awesome, but polling would work also fine.

I have not managed to find apropriate setting anywhere, and account settings -> “recieving options” does not do the trick.

I am using openSUSE 13.1 and Evolution 3.10.2.


I’ve been wondering about this for a while. Does not make sense that evolution has to be open to recieve mail, but that seems to be the case.


That’s the case for every GUI email client that I know of.

Just leave the client open but minimized.

Yeah; seems to be the case.

Thanks for the reply,


Just seems to me that it would be nice to have it integrated with the desktop. I just spent some time looking into it and found nothing I could do to facilitate some sort of notification.–