Evolution appears to have lost incoming messages

Was trying to download POP messages into Evolution while also running SuSE updates (probably shouldn’t have been doing that :frowning: …)

Evolution froze up at 5 of 63 incoming messages having been counted. I hit Cancel on the download, thinking that I would be able to re-start it. When I tried to re-do the get-new-mail command, it finished immediately (there was nothing more to download).

Did web mail command to verify and there was nothing on my ISP’s mail server either. Last 58 of the 63 messages were evidently just dropped (lost in the download transfer).

I thought that email protocol would prevent delete from being done on server until local delivery confirmed, but evidently not.

Haven’t been able to find messages in my Evolution folders, either in the program, or by looking through ~/.local/share/evolution folders in the file system.

Has this happened to anyone else? I figure I lost about 2 weeks worth of incoming mail. :frowning: