evolution alternative

Hi people,

I use evolution on my notebook as it is efficient in screen space use and works on xfce (which I use because it runs fast enough with the reduced resources on a notebook).

On 13.1 evolution is noticeably less reliable than on 12.3 - I get about a crash an hour.

Can anyone recommend an alternative that is:
a - good at screen space use
b - works on xfce with limited resources
c - has mail, contacts, calendar, notes
d - syncs with onemediahub / funambol

Thanks in advance,

p.s. I use KDE & kpim on my desktop box

Which version of Evolution are you using? I have no such problems.

evolution 3.10.2 - the latest on OS 13.1


Don’t have any personal experience but I was looking at the opensuse software repo, online, and saw Claws Mail which I have seen mentioned here and there. Looks like its aimed at what your after.