Evolution 3.8 Email Fetching Issue

I was trying out the new Evolution 3.8 and it seems to have one major issue I haven’t figured out how to solve. No matter what I’ve done, Evolution won’t automatically get new messages from my Gmail account. By that I mean, if I send a test email to my account, my phone sitting next to my computer will automatically alert me that I have a new email while Evolution will just sit there and does nothing. If I refresh my Evolution inbox then the message appears. The account is configured for imap+, but emails are not automatically pushed to it. Is there a setting I am missing? Thanks.


Thanks for the link. I have that option checked and it’s set to a one minute interval. However, I was hoping there was an option to set that to zero or the equivalent. If I do the same test in Thunderbird, as soon as I send the email, it appears in both my Thunderbird mailbox and my phones mailbox while I wait for Evolution to refresh. I know it’s not a huge deal, but I don’t see why I have to wait for a full minute when imap+ and push email is supposed to be instantaneous and other clients do this by default.

We can probably reduce that to 30 secs. Then again i might be wrong
Install “dconf-editor - Simple key-based configuration system – Graphical Editor”

 zypper in dconf-editor

open dconf-editor and set the below settings.

Thanks! That is somewhat better. I’m going to keep looking around Google and see if I come up with anything better in the meantime.

Though the settings settings state that lowest value must be 30 you may try 0 or something and test it out and flip it back to 30 if it doesn’t work

I did try zero as well, but it didn’t seem to have a noticable impact on time. Not a huge deal. With the value set to 30 it is pretty quick to get new emails.