Evolution 3.26's GPG ignores all UIDs but uid0

Hi all!

I upgraded openSUSE Tumbleweed to use Gnome 3.26 including Evolution 3.26.0 recently. Since then, I have the following problem:
If I receive an e-mail that is signed with GnuPG, but not with the first address in the key (uid0), Evolution will issue a warning that “the signature is valid, but address of sender and signer are not the same”. I even have this with my own key! That is, I have a key, that gpg on CLI will say “key 0xBlah, uid [ultimate trust] mailA@mail.com, uid [ultimate trust] mailB@mail.com, etc.”. But if I send a mail to myself from mailB@mail.com, Evolution will mark it yellow, because it thinks the key is only good for mailA@mail.com.
Does anyone know why this could be the case? Am I doing s.th. wrong here? Or is it a bug in Evolution?