Evolution is wearing me down

Is it me, or is Evolution buggy?

I’ve been running Evolution as my daily driver since 2002 when Ximian
was maintaining it. For what it is, I have been very happy, until
installing which is the current version shipping with openSuse 11.3.

I do confess to having several thousand items in my “Inbox” and a couple
of thousand items in my “Sent” folder. This has not been a problem until
version Since installing this version, I have been having
daily crashes where Evolution disappears. This usually occurs in the
middle of checking mail on servers. In addition, I have been gotten the
“Summary and folder mismatch” error message several times, after which
I’ve deleted .cmeta, .ibex, and .ev-summary folders
from /home/user/.evolution/mail/local. This worked on previous versions
of Evolution, however with I have discovered that one half to
nearly all of the contents of my inbox and sent items folder disappears
as a result of this or possibly another unrelated error. I have done this several times, recreating the inbox and sent items from backups.

I think I need to upgrade to the current stable version if I am going to keep my sanity. But how? I can see Evolution 2.32 in the 64-bit repository here:
and I’ve successfully added this site to my YAST repository, but I’m not seeing 2.32 in YAST. What am I missing?
TIA for suffering my bout of noobidity.