evolution 2.27.92

I am having next error with new evolution from factory

/usr/bin/evolution: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/evolution/2.28/libeutil.so.0: undefined symbol: xmlFirstElementChild

how to solve?

Me too :frowning:

The factory repos are unstable and, unless you really have to be on the cutting edge, it’s not usually advised to download packages from those. The error you are seeing has been reported in Gnome Bugzilla. You might add more information to the ticket yourselves, as it looks like it’s being neglected at this point.


Has anyone found a workaround? IMAP support is being taken away at my work and I want to use a real mail client instead of that awful web interface. I installed evolution 2.28 and are seeing the symbol not found issue…


From Gnome Bugzilla:

This means your libxml2 is too old. We check for a sufficiently up-to-date libxml2 in our configure script, so either the check is getting bypassed or there’s something wrong with your libxml2 package.