Evince printout orientation - how to print landscape?

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong when trying to print with Gnome Evince (3.20.1-1.5).

I have a pdf file that displays as landscape, but when I try to print, the pdf image is compressed and printed halfway up a portrait page.
If I rotate it so that the pdf image is displayed as portrait, the result is the same. In fact, whatever I do, the preview is always the same.

I can rotate the page wherever I want, and set the printer page setup to portrait or landscape or whatever, the preview image is always a portrait page with the pdf image compressed and placed halfway up the page. There must be a setting somewhere…:sarcastic:

(Fortunately, I have another pdf viewer (Master pdf editor) that gives me the desired result.)

I’m not an evince user, but I did find this stackexchange thread about landscape-printing-in-linux which might be applicable. In particular, it was stated

Evince has an “Auto rotate and center” option that’s enabled by default. With that option the page orientation setting is effectively ignored.

FWIW, I note there is a bug report describing this, with not a lot of activity unfortunately…


Brilliant! That’s it. Who would have thought it?

Not me, I don’t use it :wink: Glad to have been of help though!