[evince] maybe bug whis print preview

Hi all
as far as i work with linux as a my desktop i have more questions :slight_smile:

so one more trouble with printing for meā€¦

i have bad known printer canon lbp2900 this is not a problem it works fine (you need only official instructions but not ubuntu forum)
i was needed to print 73 pages document to both side of a paper
so i print one sideā€¦ rotate it and put in printer to print otherā€¦ i start to print all range but something go bad and it was printed only some pages 2-8ā€¦
so i reload servicesā€¦ and try one more from evince but now i needed to print from 9 to the end so i just press print button and set printing optins that i need range 9-73
then press preview buttonā€¦ new window appear and now starts tangoā€¦
count it seems display correctly but it seems can differents at 1 last pageā€¦ first page display correctly (10) but second repet display 10 third repeat display 10 and so on till the end.

i test some timesā€¦ all the same. but it prints correct.